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What are we all about?  Awesome coffee, excellent food, friendly folk and a welcoming place to relax.  Simple!  Our exclusive Gunnerbean coffee is a delicious blend of Colombian and Brazillian beans. Roasted to bring out the chocolate and nutty notes, our coffee is great to drink as a simple espresso, or with milk in a flat white or latte.  We extract all our tasty shots on a beautiful, red La Marzocco FB70 espresso machine.



We offer a wide range of tea and soft drinks including freshly squeezed orange juice.  We have an outstanding, all day breakfast menu, vegan menu, delicious sandwiches, tasty bagels, seriously delectable cakes and an ever changing array of craft beers.  We have decaf coffee, soya and oat milk and many gluten free options.  You can also buy bags of Gunnerbeans (ground to your specification), KeepCup re-usable to go cups, our Spitfire vintage-style ceramic cups and coveted Spitfire Trucker Caps all in one handy place! 

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